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  1. Hey I dont understand everything in this thread, but did you guys realize this was graded qualified! This means it was opened! And it didnt even score gold, only silver! IMO this price is absolutely ridiculous, for an unopened version I can see this hitting a high price but qualified? Oh my...
  2. Coleccion Lit GBA SP y GBA Micro

    Damn, nice collection! I never knew there were SO MANY variants to the GBA.. And everything looks to be like new. Very good job!! (ii)
  3. Colección schmibernds

    Thnaks everyone ( Well, this is as good as it gets, now you´ve seen the highlights of my collection... I really have to think what to post next (gl)
  4. Colección schmibernds

    Alright, here you go with a fresh picture of THE ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHTS of my NES collection, enjoy
  5. Colección schmibernds

    Thanks! I am able to read a little bit of Spanish but I am really not that good at it... But sometimes google.translate helps as well
  6. Colección schmibernds

    Thanks everyone! (ok) Zelda 1 is actually new (bought from a trustworthy person and never removed the contents), Zelda 2 is just very minty. There are some others new ones (MTPO, Pinball and Gumshoe), really glad I bought those back in 2008..
  7. Colección schmibernds

    Thanks! Devil World is the one with the worst condition, but at least its a complete copy
  8. Hola de Alemagna

    Alrighty, this was only a test, pics of my small box collection can be found here http://www.beta-zero.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?144984 More to come soon
  9. Colección schmibernds

    Hola FINALLY I managed to take some pics of a part of my NES collection. It might not be too much compared to the amazing collections presented her, but hey, its a COMPLETE small box collection with many many MINT copies. Cheers bene
  10. Hola de Alemagna

    Muchas Gracias por la ayuda!
  11. Hola de Alemagna

    Thanks Kaiser! I have already seen your collection and its IMPRESSIVE! Still didnt figure out how to post pics :( If I click the button "Insertar imagen" it only shows me some [ img] . Where can I upload the jpg. file ?
  12. Hola de Alemagna

    I FINALLY got to take some pics of my small box collection, but I cant figure out how to post pics.. HELP!!
  13. Colección bel

    Awesome! Just looked at it again and discovered some more titles that I havent even seen before.. Somehow Spain gets all the ultra rare releases nintendowise (seems to be the same with the NES)... Looking forward to your update (ft)
  14. Colección bel

    WOW, that must be the most impressive SNES collection I have ever seen! Is it really complete (meaning every single PAL game included?) ? I am really stunned!(oo)
  15. Hola de Alemagna

    Wow, thats a nice "Buy it now" I bought a bb Gyro myself a couple of days ago, right now waiting for the package to arrive! (dd) I will post some pics when I find the time but right now I am being on business travels all the week and when I am home on the weekend my wife gets all the love (