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  1. Colección lim-handek [France]

    New !!! Very big thanks to Pedro, I'm sad for you but your DC is between good hand
  2. Colección lim-handek [France]

    Thanks friend, I still have a long way to overtake you Thnks to all, I'm happy if you like it !
  3. Colección lim-handek [France]

    DC chuchu rocket - DC Virtua tennis - DC partners (my third ) and an Xbox pure white (1000ex) n° 618/1000 and a milka DC (not on picture)
  4. Colección lim-handek [France]

    Xbox Hulk/Pepsi. Identical in colour to the Mountain Dew Edition, the Hulk Xbox was a special promotional Xbox made to commemorate the release of the Universal Picture movie "Hulk" in 2003 for the UK release. The console Featured a jewel on top with the promotional image of the Incredible Hulk's Eye and the Pepsi Logo. These Special editions were only available by having a winning Scratchcard when you Purchased a Popcorn and Pepsi meal in participating UK UCI multiplex cinemas. This is most likely the rarest and least known of the limited edition Xbox; as few as 35 of these consoles may have existed. No other information about packaging is known.
  5. Colección lim-handek [France]

    gracias todos
  6. Colección lim-handek [France]

    gaming setup? You mean a photo with all my console ?
  7. Colección lim-handek [France]

    95% of them are boxed
  8. Colección Dreamcast bel [DEMO]

    so nice, respect friend
  9. Ex Colección AES

    [blockquote]you see in this post my powerful english [/blockquote] !amazed Mine is not better !!! Thanks for your details
  10. Ex Colección AES

    !dodge awesome awesome awesome and awesome I love too your AES collection, all is in excellent condition, nice arrange. nice for my retinas LOL !plasplas !plasplas !plasplas When did you started to collect?
  11. Colección Portátil bel [DEMO]

    Hi brotha, you sould update your picture !! You have one of the more amazing collection in Europe. Especially your Dreamcast !heart !heart !heart !heart !heart
  12. Colección lim-handek [France]

    thank you all expect Dolphin NPDP-GDEV, Xbox launch 2001 and Pippin katz media come with box. All picture are avaible here: http://www.gamekult.com/blog/lim-handek/album_n9888.html'>http://www.gamekult.com/blog/lim-handek/album_n9888.html I opened it to show what there is exactly inside Most of my pictures are avaible on my blog: http://www.gamekult.com/blog/lim-handek/
  13. Colección lim-handek [France]

    Thank you, if you need more information about one, aske me
  14. Colección lim-handek [France]

    !kiss thank you There is also some very amazing collection in this place.