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  1. For me, i only know Tetris version Classic red in FAH version. I never saw it in other versions.. But everything is possible on Gameboy ^^ But really, it would surprise me if you find it in ESP version...
  2. Hi evreyone !   A friend of mine gave me some photos of a Mr. Nutz UKV imported for Spain by Arcadia. This one seems to be not in the list. Here are the photos :            
  3. Hi Gachan !   I've just checked and there is spanish language in every manuals !
  4. Hi Chekin, thanks for the welcome And hi Jonathan, happy to see you there too ^^   JBH : Bart & The Beanstalk is already there, look at The Simpsons Bart & The Beanstalk, and World Heroes 2 Jet is already there too at his place ^^   I just checked my list and took some photos of the games that miss in the list. You can add them as you wish If i haven't made some mistake, these games really miss the list. Here are they :   BC Kid 2 EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :           Beethoven EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            Bomberman GB EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            Brain Drain EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            Bubsy II EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            Foreman For Real EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            NFL Quaterback Club 96 EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            Prehistoric Man EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            Winter Gold EUR with spanish language at the back of the box :            You can add NFL Quarterback Club 2 EUR which have ESP language too but i haven't it so no photos ^^       And i have some photos of ESP versions of NFL Quaterback Club (only the cartridge) and World Cup USA 94 (only the cartridge) that you can add too :    
  5. Hi everyone !   I'm new on this forum and i'm a french Gameboy collector. Thanks a lot to Piteta who helped me to subscribe to this forum, if you pass here, hello my friend   This list is really wonderful ! I'm looking to realize the fullset on this support and beyond this, i would like to realize a real data base of all the Gameboy games released in all localisations so your list make me do a big step forward ! Most of my Gameboy collection is composed of FAH games as this is the french localisation. But when a game doesn't exist in FAH, i'm looking for it in other european versions. But i love to have multiple versions of one game, if i had money, i'll make a fullset of all the localisations of the games ^^ In ESP version, i'm strongly looking for Darkman, Battle Unit Zeoth, Robocop 2 and Cool World that are ESP exclusive in Europe (i know they also exist in USA version). But i'm not here only to buy these games ^^   I can contribute a little to your list because i have in my collection some EUR games which contain spanish language on the box and in the booklet like Beethoven or Bubsy II (the two that i have in my head right now but i could have more than these two). I give you these scan of my games to show you. If you prefer a photo instead of them, just tell me and i'll make you them           As you can see, there is spanish language on the back of the box.             As you can see, there is a mention that tells that there is spanish language in the booklet on the back of the box.     I hope i helped you a little   Edit : with a very quick check, i can also add Foreman For Real and Bomberman GB so i definitely have some more. So just tell me how you want that i give you the pictures !