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Todo el contenido de JBH

  1. Amazing collection.   So many nice ESP-version games...   Beautiful!
  2. Colección Game Gear Seijurou

    Beautiful collection! 
  3. NBA JAM T.E (Tournament Edition)    DMG-AJTP-EUR    Can be added to the list. Contains spanish on box and inside manual. Distributed by Arcadia Software S.A.
  4. Colección JBH

    Greetings fellow collectors from Spain.   For some time, i have been a member of this lovely forum, Beta-Zero.  Viewing your wonderful collections, and amazing information about the Game Boy ESP-versions that is presented by Gachan.      I will now present to you, my collection.  Focus is Game Boy, european versions. My goal is a complete set. 470 games released as european versions. Complete.      Today, i miss 56 games and i own every game released as SCN-version.      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Photos:    Overview:     Selected games:    Avenging Spirit - Complete - NOE-exclusive   Hammerin' Harry - Complete - FRG-exclusive    Hit the Ice - Complete - FRG-exclusive      Agro Soar - Complete - AUS-exclusive (Mattel)   Lingo - Complete - NOE-exclusive      L'arme Fatale - Complete - FAH-exclusive   Lucky Luke - Complete - EUR-version (Import Scandinavia, Infogrames)   Smurfarna Jorden Runt - Complete - FAH-version (Import Scandinavia, Infogrames)   Bamse - Complete/New - SCN-exclusive   Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament - Mint - SCN-version   Darkman - Complete - ESP-exclusive   Zelda: Link's Awakening - Complete/New - SCN-version   Tom & Jerry 2: The Film - Complete - SCN-version   Bubble Ghost - Complete - SCN-version   Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - Brand new - NOE-exclusive   Mega Man V - Complete - EUR-version (Scandinavian import by Bergsala AB)       Complete collection of SCN-version games. 135 unique titles:  
  5. Colección JBH

    Thank you!   Every game in the new photos is SCN-version (Scandinavian version).  Released in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.    So both TaleSpin and Metroid II are SCN-code. Like you guys chase ESP-version in Spain, we chase SCN-versions here 
  6. Colección JBH

    Added photos of each SCN-version game. The complete collection of 135 unique titles. 
  7. Colección JBH

    Thank you, Ser-1 and Kulunguelejfn.    Ser-1: Personally, i think that the biggest challenge in any PAL / European fullset is the region exclusive games. For example, with Game Boy. The most complicated and rare to find are exclusive for a certain region.    For example exclusive ESP-versions, Cool World and Darkman Exclusive FRG-versions, Hit the Ice, Ninja Boy 2 and Hammerin' Harry.  Exclusive NOE-versions, Avenging Spirit, Super Chase H.Q and Lingo. The list goes on...   It's a tough challenge to find them all.      I will take better photos of all games at some point so that it is all more easy to see. 
  8. Colección JBH

    Thank you all so much for your kind words.     Regarding if i am planing to find the other versions of GB kiosks, i am afraid i do not have space for them at the time.  But they are lovely too. I would love to own more signs, kiosks etc. if i had the space for storage.     Bel: Which are your favourite titles? To play, my favourite games are Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge, Tail Gator, Pokémon Blue Version and Mega Man V i think. But there are many games i enjoy playing.    Why did you start to collect for this system? It was my first console that i received as a young child. So it brings much nostalgia to me, playing and collecting. I also love collecting for it, there are so many games and versions/variants for many titles. It never ends...   Very interesting, historic and meaningful console 
  9. Colección JBH

    Thank you so much for your kind words!   I agree, this system is truly special. Very interesting to collect for, and there are so many "hidden gems" for this console that are wonderful to play. But not many people talk about. Like Hammerin' Harry. Adventures of Lolo, Trax, Tail Gator, Fortified Zone etc.     Avenging Spirit is a truly wonderful game. Very varied and good music. It is very difficult to find, yes. In every region. Even USA and JAP are also very rare to see.      Darkman is one of my favourites as a collectible. Amazing boxart, and i must say that i like the movie a lot to.        I would love to find more ESP-version games for my collection. In Spain, some really interesting variants and games were released.  I would very much like to own a Barbie Game Girl, Phantom Air Mission and Daniel el Traviesto for my collection someday for example. 
  10. There is a James Pond ESP-version for GB i saw on eBay a few weeks back. You should add it (i can not see one, maybe i miss it). 
  11. No, no sticker.   I just bought it from ebay.es and when it opened it, this extra manual was inside. 
  12. Boxxle II.    American (USA) version with small instruction sheet in spanish.  I found this from a seller in Spain.  
  13. World Heroes 2 Jet can also be added. Spanish language on box and in manual (EUR).   Also, I have Bart and the Beanstalk (ESP) to add. Published by Buena Vista Home Video SA (says on the back of box).      I can exchange for a Darkman ESP.   Also, welcome Adrien! (rpghcg) 
  14. Very nice collection.   Is the Ghostbusters II ESP-version? If so, is this published by ERBE, or another company?
  15. [HILO OFICIAL] Preséntate a la comunidad

    Thank you Manji.    Also, here is a photo of some of the more sought after games from my collection.  Some are new / unused while some are simply in good condition   
  16. [HILO OFICIAL] Preséntate a la comunidad

    Thank you for the welcoming. I appreciate it.      At the time i have about 310 complete european games, so i am missing about 150 to complete a the set.  Don't have too many of the crazy rare titles left, but i am missing all the ESP-exclusives as said. They are very hard to find in Sweden 
  17. [HILO OFICIAL] Preséntate a la comunidad

    Finally, with the magic of Google Translate i have found what i hope is the correct place to introduce myself to this forum.     My name is Jonatan, 19 years old from Sweden. I collect Game Boy Classic games with the goal to someday own a complete collection. One complete copy of every game released in Europe.      It takes a long time, since i want every game in good to perfect condition.      I found this forum since i am searching for the ESP-exclusive games: Darkman, Cool World, Batte Unit Zeoth and Robocop 2. Also, i hope to get to know some new people here on Beta-Zero and to see your fantastic collections.     Best regards