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  1. Colección Ground Zero

    I've a 37" LCD TV in the living room for current generation consoles. But for retro gaming it's not yet ready - i've a smaller Sony TV which i want to hook up here in the gaming room but i didn't decided where to place it. Will take some weeks - it's also a matter of money. :-)
  2. Colección Ground Zero

    Hello everyone - new house, new digicam and now a single room just dedicated for gaming. :-) It's not ready yet and some things are still in boxes but i think it's already very stilish in beta state. Overview - not yet finished. There's a ton of PC games missing and i'll get more room to better highlight the gems of my collection. Dreamcast game collection - there are lots of super-rare Silver Samples and white-labels hidden beyond the ChuChuRocket boxset. Both Nights! and Nights! PS2 relaunch edition; jap. Sonic Saturn; complete Panzer Dragoon collection - Saturn is one of my favorite consoles. Both Biohazard Code Veronica Dreamcasts - the Highlight of my collection. PS2, PS3 and PSP stuff - although i am not a huge Sony fan there's some fine stuff: Rez complete with trance vibrator and 12" vinyl OST. Some press kits, lots of PSP promos and betas, a Pirelli PSP Edition PSP and a Koyima signed Metal Gear Solid. I am a Fallout maniac. That's a complete mint collection - thanks for that cool Fallout 3 statue to BEL! Even Wasteland as C64 version complete - that's the mother of all post-nuclear world games and predecessor of the Fallout series. Xbox and XBox 360 collection - looks a bit sterile at the moment. That's a super rare PGR3 100 contest model Xbox 360 Nr. 063/100, signed by Roger Perkins. GameCube an Atari Jaguar collection - there are some improvements to be made. At least i've a rare Iron Soldier 2 for the Jaguar.
  3. Colección Dreamcast bel [DEMO]

    Simply the best Dreamcast collection my friend - much better than mine was! Absolutely amazing; you've a large part of Sega history in your hands.
  4. Colección Ground Zero

    Those are all US big-boxes. Relly nice editions - you can flip the front and get some nice Fallout pictures. The manuals are also much better than those of the European versions - they were printed on thick paper and the used a ringbook rather than those glued pages that fell apart after some years. I've got Fallout Tactics as pre-order edition with a T-Shirt + printed ammunition bag. I've also a bottle of purified water still here. :-) Think i've to make some better pics with all my Fallout stuff on it. Fallout 1 is my favorite one, Fallout 2 comes second. I'm not a huge fan of the later versions, especially Fallout 3 was not as good as i expected. Do you know Wasteland? It's the predecessor of the Fallout series and came out on Apple II, C64 and PC in the good old days. I've still the C64 version that i bought in 1988 complete and in near mint condition. No more C64 to play it but i've also the PC version which still works. Wasteland was one of the best games i ever played - and it was way ahead of its time with a cool skill system and an option to divide your party. You can check the histoy of Wasteland and Fallout at: http://wasteland.rockdud.net/wasteland.html
  5. Colección Ground Zero

    I bougt the Panzer Dragoon Mini recently from France. Just 50.- Euro for this new copy - really a great priece. This is the only Panzer Dragoon game i didn't play. All other Panzer Dragoons i finished several times - especially Panzer Dragoon Saga is my all-time favorite game! It's really a game to have the Saturn still hooked up to the TV. I hope Sega will someday continue the series. But it was also fun to play the Sega Ages Remake - i wish they would do somewhat familiar with Azel. Here's some other stuff from my collection: Fallout PC / MAC collection - only first-release bix boxes / limited edition Ultima 9 Dragon Edition PC
  6. Colección Ground Zero

    Next to Dreamcast consoles i am collecting Panzer Dragoon stuff and am proud of my small but nice collection (all stuff mint or new). - Panzer Dragoon, mint condition - Panzer Dragoon 2, sealed + new - Panzer Dragoon Saga, mint condition - Panzer Dragoon Mini, sealed + new - Panzer Dragoon Orta, sealed + new - Azel - Panzer Dragoon RPG, japanese not for sale demo I've also the complete Sega Ages Re-Release D-Direct Panzer Dragoon set stored somewhere - i'll take pics later.
  7. Colección Ground Zero

    Thanks - this is an airbrush artwork on the Virtua Tennis Dreamcast. This and some other promotional Dreamcasts were made by Torsten Rachu of the professional airbrush studio Top-Airbrush, Berlin in contract with Sega of German - back in the good old days. There were some really amazing promotion consoles made by him, especially the ChuChuRocket and Resident Evil Code Veronica Dreamcasts look great.
  8. Colección Ground Zero

    Some additions to my Dreamcast collection: HMV clear Seaman Dreamcast - limited to 500 pieces HMV Seaman XMas Dreamcast - limited to 850 pieces Virtua Tennis Dreamcast - SEGA of Germany promotional airbrush unit
  9. Colección Ground Zero

    @dinho730: Thanks - good to hear you like this console. It's a really great limited edition. Another small edition for my Dreamcast collection: japanese ChuChuRocket bundle with clear-orange joypad
  10. Colección Ground Zero

    Yes, i have some other LE consoles but not that much: PGR3 100 contest model XBox 360 Silver Edition PS2 Platinum Edition GameCube Green Edition XBox Pirelli P-Zero Edition contest model PSP But Dreamcast is my absolut favorite console! I was lucky and got both Biohazard Dreamcasts: - blue "S.T.A.R.S." Dreamcast Nr. 144/200 - red "Claire" Dreamcast Nr. 0354/1800 I was lucky and got both Biohazard Dreamcasts: - blue "S.T.A.R.S." Dreamcast Nr. 144/200 - red "Claire" Dreamcast Nr. 0354/1800
  11. Como cada año: FELIZ NAVIDAD A TOD@S

    Ich wünsche all meinen Freunden in Spanien ein fröhliches Weihnachtsfest. Best wishes from Germany, Michael
  12. SEGA Dreamkey 3.1

    Cool - that's a really rare one. I just got the 3.0 version and nothing more from SEGA.
  13. Colección Ground Zero

    Yes - it will be updated very soon with the limited edition *cough* Dreamcast. !nonono
  14. SEGA Dreamkey 3.1

    I don't know if you already have info about Dreamkey 3.1 but i never heared of that one before i checked Segas website out of curiosity. Dreamkey 3.1 is exactly the same as Dreamkey 3.0 - but a pretty rare special version just made for Spain and Portugal. You can order a copy for free @ Sega: http://sega-en.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/sega_en.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php As subject you should chose Dreamkey 3.1 with your delivery adress in the question field. Unfortunately i already ordered a copy of Dreamkey 3.0 some years ago and SEGA will not send me another one. So if someone is able to get a spare copy of Dreamkey 3.1 for me ... !bye
  15. Colección Ground Zero

    As i started to collect limited edition Dreamcast consoles again i thought it was time to make better pictures for presentation on my webspace. So here are some pics of my ever growing collection; most are LE Dreamcast consoles but i also collect some game series or other nice stuff. D-Direct "Super Black" Edition Dreamcast - blue "S.T.A.R.S." Dreamcast Nr. 144/200 - red "Claire" Dreamcast Nr. 0354/1800 HMV clear Seaman Dreamcast - limited to 500 pieces HMV Seaman XMas Dreamcast - limited to 850 pieces Virtua Tennis Dreamcast - SEGA of Germany promotional airbrush unit japanese ChuChuRocket bundle with clear-orange joypad part of my Panzer Dragoon collection (only mint condition or new+sealed) Fallout PC / MAC collection - first-release bix boxes / limited edition Ultima Ascension - Dragon Edition PC