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[HILO OFICIAL] Prototipos, juegos cancelados, nunca vistos o betas

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En una fase temprana y a lo largo de sólo 8 fases de las cuales 3 son jugables, se ha descubierto este prototipo que tuvo alguna mención en revistas de la época. Die Hard 64 (N64) empezó su desarrollo vía Bits Studios con ánimo de ser lanzado en 1999 por Fox Interactive.


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"Masahiro Ito reveals new previously unheard of cancelled(?) Silent Hill game

So Masahiro Ito (the man who did the monster designs and art for the older Silent Hill games, SH1-3 and did Pyramid Head's design most notably) on Twitter was just posting concept art he had done for projects that was previously unreleased and a few years old. These include a sci-fi horror game he was working on in 2008 for SCE and some other things.

But the most interesting thing and what he topped off his postings with was concept art for a Silent Hill game he apparently was working on in 2013. Super low rest image, but here it is:


However, he mentions it's for "the new Silent Hill" which he drew in 2013 for a scene near the beginning of the game. He confirms it has nothing to do with PT or Silent Hills, he wasn't involved with that project. More so, he says he can't post a higher-res version or talk about the art in detail because it contains metaphors for the story, but just says it was for a "prototype" of some Silent Hill game.

Now, this is probably a cancelled Silent Hill game that Konami started development of between Downpour and P.T., which in itself is interesting because this is the first time to my knowledge such a SH game's existence has ever been mentioned. But the alternative is he seems like he has to be secretive about it and mentions he can't talk in detail about it and specifically that it was for the "prototype" of this Silent Hill game, hinting that it went beyond Prototype. So there might be more going on here than meets the eye?

Either way it's interesting, and interesting he was involved in another SH game of some sort. Konami did say there would be more SH games, so it's not unreasonable to think maybe this project has gone through or some other SH project. Ito posting the art is peculiar if it is still in the works though, which would imply it's cancelled. But his secrecy to any info on the art outside of the fact it's for Silent Hill, not Silent Hills related but a different SH game, and it was done in 2013 for its prototype, is all very interesting.

Here is his exact tweets on it so far:




Fuente: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?&f=2

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